Fundraising. Reimagined. Invest in Web3.

Subpad is the fundraising platform on BNB Smart Chain for the best projects on various blockchains. Fund your allocations with BUSD and claim them from the native blockchains of the projects.

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About the Subpad

The innovative mechanics of the Subpad with sophisticated and numerous smart contracts bring the anti-whale mechanics and promote the long-term value for investors.

  • Guaranteed allocations
  • Multiple Airdrops from the Public Sales – we remember about our hodlers and this is why we always have something neat for you!
  • Doxxed and solid projects – TLAND made over 18x

And there is even more…!

How it works

Time = Money

At SubPad time is as important as money. By increasing the $SUB token lockup, you can get as big allocation as Crypto Whale.


The guaranteed allocation is based on the amount of xSUB you own. How to get them? Lock your $SUBs: SUB * time = xSUB

Pre-fund model

The allocations are guaranteed! The only thing you have to do is to prefund your funds before the IDO.


SUB price & market cap compared to chosen launchpads

Launchpad ROI Marketcap
DAO Maker

Data source:, 27.05.2022

One Milion Club

We have prepared neat bonuses for our Millionaires — people who locked at least 1 Million $SUB and have locked their tokens in the Subpad.

Why should you join?

With Club membership you get some powerful perks.

Among them:

  • SUB airdrops
  • Access to private allocations
  • Gifts from our partners
  • Early access
  • Insider news
  • Dedicated Discord channel
  • Ambassador program

Want to invest in hot crypto early?

With your Subpad you can Do Your Own Reasearch about the project + Allocate funds + Enjoy the investment while taking profits!