Invest with confidence via first AI-driven Launchpad

Get access to top-tier early-stage blockchain projects verified by AI. Stake SUB to GET ALLOCATION.

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Why Subpad?

The innovative mechanics of the Subpad with sophisticated and numerous smart contracts bring the anti-whale mechanics and promote the long-term value for investors.

Our community getS: 

  • Guaranteed allocations
  • Fair access to early-stage investments
  • Projects verified by AI
  • Solid Projects with fundamentals
  • SUB staking for xSUB holders
  • Lottery for xSUB holders
  • Governance – Your Vote countS

    … and more!

How it works

Time = Money

At Subpad time is as important as money. By increasing the $SUB tokens lockup, you can get as big allocation as a Crypto Whale.


The guaranteed allocation is based on the amount of xSUB you own. How to get them? Lock your $SUBs: SUB * time = xSUB

Pre-fund model

The allocations are guaranteed! The only thing you have to do is to prefund your funds at Subpad before the IDO.


We use AI to perform due diligence on new projects, help us describe them, and provide evaluations, ultimately assigning an overall investment mark.

With Subpad you can!

Web3 Gaming & Entertainment projects with high ROI potential just waiting for you!